Software > Mobile hardware requirements

4D Solutions are an independent Value Added Reseller and as such we recommend a variety of terminals as the perfect platform for your WroaMS installation.  There are plenty of good reasons to choose devices recommended and supplied by us as we will ensure they are:

  • truly rugged, enough to stand up to harsh treatment on a warehouse shop floor
  • expandable/maintainable in the field, as trained resellers we can add and remove components for repair/upgrade purposes in the field to minimise downtime
  • dependable, they do what's required when required
  • good value for money
  • ease of use with shallow operational learning curve

Please contact us directly for a demonstration and for further detailed information.

To get your mobile terminals up and running a wireless network will be installed.  This will be based on a standard WiFi 802.11b/g/n network appropriate to your facility, area to be covered and number of terminals in use.  We will carry out a full RF survey of your premises to establish the best location for the wireless access points and optimal type of antenna for each point and in most cases where we supply and install the network we will guarantee performance and coverage.