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WroaMS is a workflow solution enabling your warehouse to operate according pre-defined business rules.  To customising the system to your requirements value-chains are built ensuring that no process occurs that does not add value to the operation.  Once established the system guides the shop floor operatives through the various stages of a value-chain from start to finish.

An example of a value-chain is: Purchase order review - receipt - inspection -  putaway

Each operation in the chain has a queue which is controlled by a supervisor or manager or can be automated and controlled by WroaMS according the business rules.  A queue contains operations that must be assigned to resources (labour, handling equipment etc.) and carried out on the shop floor.  Following completion the next operation in the value-chain is created.

Operations that cannot be completed as expected, a short pick for example, will create exceptions, these appear in an exception queue for the operation and must be cleared by a supervisor or manager.  Typically a number of options are available for clearing an exception and these business rules are defined during the customisation of the solution.

Most warehouse operations can be accomodated with standard modules, these are listed below (any others can be provided to suit your requirements):

  • goods receipt for purchase order
  • primary inspection on receipt
  • secondary inspection on receipt
  • putaway (system guided slotting based on various strategies and characteristics)
  • picking for sales orders
  • pick for work/production orders
  • pick for repair orders
  • receipt for work/production orders
  • one step replenishment (location to location)
  • two step replenishment (location to staging area, split, putaway to picking, putaway balance)
  • pick staging (location to staging area, split, pick from staging area, putaway balance)
  • packing (scan-packing, packing product consumption, labelling, delivery notes)
  • shipping
  • stock category change
  • material to material transfer
  • stock counting/physical inventory/cycle counting
  • stock write on
  • stock write off
  • stock movement

Accurate master data is a key requirement for warehouse management systems, WroaMS holds master data for:

  • products (several different views subject to configuration),
  • resources (e.g. people, handling equipment),
  • locations and capacity management,
  • trading partners (e.g. customers and suppliers),
  • partner related product data (e.g. multiple supplier barcodes for individual SKU's and multiples)