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The design of WroaMS divides into three areas: client, server and intranet.

The client is operated by team leaders, supervisors and managers from desktop pc's either on the shop floor, in offices or elsewhere.  It is the control centre of the system and used to maintain master data, generate tasks/operations, allocate work and provide a real-time window on activities within the warehouse.

The server is a dedicated pc or server running the WroaMS Scheduler which processes jobs according to the defined schedule, these will include shop floor transaction processing, data extracts, self-maintenance functions etc. and may include other jobs such as interfaces from to other systems such as ERP or other SOP/POP solutions as well as manufacturing systems.  Multiple server engines can be set up on different server hardware to enable load balancing.

The intranet can be used by anyone in your organisation but is designed for workers on the shop floor for executing transactions at the point of activity using mobile terminals over a radio-frequency (typically Wifi) network.  The transactions run in most browsers commonly available for mobile terminals running Windows CE or Windows Mobile.  Additionally anyone with a desktop pc and browser such as Internet Explorer can run these transactions.