Software > Operating system and pc/server requirements

You will have seen from the overview that WroaMS has four main aspects to its architecture:

  • desktop client
  • server engine
  • intranet web server
  • SQL database server

At an entry level to serve the low budget requirements of small business all four aspects will run on a single pc running any MS Windows based operating system, although we will always recommend utilising two pc's, one running the server engine, SQL database server and MS IIS (Internet Information Service v6.00 and above), the other running the desktop client and MS Internet Explorer (where mobile terminals are not deployed).

For larger operations with multiple users we recommend that the SQL database server be run separately on a third server (containing no other SQL database engines) thus optimising the speed of data access, whilst a second server hosts the WroaMS server engine and MS IIS.  But in practise any combination is possible and much depends on the speed and capacity of the hardware available.