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WroaMS has a four tier warehouse structure which allows multiple warehouses.  Each warehouse can be divided into stock areas representing physical areas of your warehouse with different storage characteristics, these are reflected in WroaMS by defining different storage strategies for each area, for example a bulk area may be pallet racking with random storage or nearest to pick location storage, whereas a picking area may have fixed picking locations based on product.

A stock area is subdivided into stock sections and again these can be used to separate products by their characteristics or defining an optimal search strategy for product stored in multiple locations (non FIFO).  These can also be reserved for specific products if that is desirable.  There are all manner of possibilities to suit your requirements.  Certain stock areas exist as standard but can be expanded to suit your requirements, these are typically those that represent marshalling areas such as goods in, goods out, and staging areas.

Locations are the lowest level of the hierarchy and represent individually addressed and barcoded bins.  These too have characteristics that allow business rules to be set up to determine for example which type of pallet can be stored, it's maximum height and weight.

WroaMS can handle multiple batches of the same product or material and will ensure separation of these if required and batch allocation for picking is also supported.

Furthermore WroaMS maintains a stock status for all stocked items allowing separation of different quality stocks even when stored in the same location. Shop floor transactions are provided to transfer product from one stock status to another manually if this is not performed by a pre-configuration operation.